Buffet Services

Mille Feuille

All of our cold buffets are freshly prepared in our own kitchens, with an emphasis on quality, local produce, healthy eating and sustainability.

To order, simply;

Call: 01752 848936 / 01752 848738
E-Mail: sales@tamardelifresh.co.uk

Please see our example menu below:

Keeping it simple

A selection of sandwiches in a variety of breads, rolls and wraps,
including cut crisps from Burt’s

Superior £5.05

Goats’ cheese and sun dried tomato
Falafel, tomato and hummus
Smoked salmon, cream cheese and chive
Sweet chilli prawn
Honey chilli chicken
Roast turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce
Pastrami, gherkin and mustard mayonnaise

Deluxe £4.35

Brie and cranberry
Hummus and red onion salad
Cajun tuna and mixed leaves
Poached salmon and dill mayonnaise
Bacon, lettuce and tomato
Coronation chicken

Regular £4.00

Cheddar, Red Leicester and spring onion
Egg mayonnaise and rocket
Tuna mayonnaise
Prawn cocktail
Honey chilli chicken
Wiltshire ham salad

Add a selection of locally made cocktail meat and vegetable pasties
or sausage rolls from £1.70 with buffet (or individually at £2.20 each)

Add a fruit platter for 10 guests at £8.50